When it comes to big data, vendors are saying one thing, and organizations are doing something very different.

According to the first edition of Dresner Advisory Services’ Big Data Analytics Market Study, the big data industry may talk up the importance of big data, but customers don’t have a lot of plans to adopt it — at least, not in the form that Hadoop currently presents.

No single big data distribution stood out for customers, either. Cloudera, Amazon, Hortonworks, and MapR all ranked about the same in terms of their importance — 40 percent or more of the respondents ranked them as “not important.”

SPARK as the Next best choice
Interest in big data is manifesting more as an interest in specific technologies within Hadoop — Spark, in particular — and not Hadoop generally. Spark’s intrigue may also correlate with the high ranking of, say, self-service approaches to data. Spark enables that, albeit in a developer, rather than a user context.

IBM’s Dave Turek on Big Data, CORAL, and HPC’s Evolution

The essence of HPC is evolving, said Turek, and the new imperative is to accommodate big data. New programming models, frameworks a la Spark, and better-designed systems from IBM and its systems maker brethren are all necessary.

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