As we are coming to the close of the year the prospects and upheavals of 2016 is on everyone’s mind. We have seen a record number of start-up companies spring up in 2015, we have also witnessed the highest number of mergers in historical terms.  Unicorns garner a whopping $500B plus valuation. Are we on the verge  of a significant shift in the business and technology landscape. The race toward on-demand economy and supply chains fueled by the race to building real time global business models is impacting companies of all sizes.

The composition and skill sets of the workforce are also evolving rapidly.  Skills that satisfied the needs of yesterday’s infrastructure design and growth plans are rapidly changing as well.  It seems we are quickly approaching another peak and potential pivot.

We know from first hand experience with our clients that finding the right talent in a timely fashion is a challenging task in today’s saturated market. We expect 2016 to be equally challenging as demand rises.

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